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We are going on spring break Thursday and will return April 13th.  At that time we will be getting our newest project off to it’s first post about places in North Carolina and the United States to visit.

 We look forward to learning about places in Ireland at that time with students from – Greystones,  Wicklow County, Ireland and the class called If Only the Best Birds Sang   and teaching them about our country as we explore places to visit.

  •   If you were a travel agent for your country what places would you recommend to visitors.  If you’d like to join our project we’d love to hear from you too!  We’d like to hear from more classes around the world about a special place in your country.  

We will also be completing our castle projects during April.  The second grade international club is working on their castle challenge to complete their own castle out of recyclable materials by April 14th.  Look for their designs then.  The students in the rest of the school will learn about castles that week during Global Studies.

The International Club students also took a virtual field trip last week to Australia and the Outback thanks to Ross Mannell who prepared  extended comments for us to visit around Australia since a real trip was not possible.  We were amazed how flat and red it is there. We have  white-tailed deer but not kangaroos. The deer cross the road and get hit by cars, they come in our yards and run off when we appear and some people eat venison meat. We have possum not echinda.  We have ostrichs but not emu.   Where we live we have more green.  The trees are leafless during the winter other than evergreens and some grass is still green and many shrubs.  Now that it is spring everything is turning green.


April 2012-mountain 002Farm 2012

This week we went back to England, Scotland and Wales to learn about foods which was made possible through Project Britain by Mandy Barrow. The students were amazed about eating baked beans for breakfast.  We have a different kind of biscuit that is bread and used for breakfast a lot in the US.   Mrs. Todd had learned about foods in Mrs. Monaghan’s home a few years ago when she took time to share with her class items in her pantry.  Some were very different from ours like chips and fries.  Some cereal looked similar.   Mrs. Harlow lives in England and is here teaching some of us as a visiting teacher.   These teachers are helping us study about these two areas of the world.  We’d like your help too!!

We wonder if Ireland eats the same kind of foods as England, Scotland and Wales?

International Club lasted a few weeks for about 20 energetic seven and eight year old’s.  We did dot art painting of kangaroos and other animals, visited the Outback and saw life there, learned about the Aboriginal people in Australia , learned about Castles and foods from Europe.  Our focus country is Australia and our Visiting teacher is from England so we learn about both places which is interesting to compare.   Our last week after break will be learning a dance from England, learning about schools in Australia and sharing our castles.

We hope some of you can join us in learning about places in Greystones Ireland and North Carolina/USA.  Perhaps you’ll share some of your special places with us during this project.


2 thoughts on “Travel Agents Coming Soon!

  1. Hi there Roadrunners and Mrs. Todd,

    You asked about the food we eat in Ireland.

    We believe that Irish food has a strong American influence.

    Children like to try out the food they hear about on American TV programmes.

    Mc Donalds, fast food and burgers and fries are popular.

    Eddie Rockets is a well known food chain that is like an American diner.

    Many people travel to America and bring back ideas for food they enjoyed over there that they would like to try at home.

    The potato is an important part of the Irish diet. It is said that Sir Walter Raleigh, an English explorer and member of the court of Queen Elizabeth the First, brought the potato from American to Ireland in 1589. So we have a lot to thank America for.

    Our diet is also influenced by immigrants to Ireland, so the Italians brought pizza and pasta, the Chinese brought their lovely dishes. The Irish who visit other countries bring back a taste for food like Tapas from Spain.

    For breakfast we usually have cereal (Corn Flakes, Rice Crispies, Sugary Frosties, Sugar Puffs, Coco Pops or porridge) or tea and toast. For special occasions we have an Irish breakfast of bacon and sausage, egg and french fries.

    A important thing to say is that the Irish have different words for food than Americans. So if we asked for ‘chips’ we would be looking for ‘french fries’ and we hear that you would give us what we call ‘crisps’. We will write more about this on our blog.

    With every good wish,

    Merry’s Class

    • We have many of the same cereals as you. We don’t have porridge but do eat oatmeal and grits at breakfast.
      We also have food from many countries. Some of us like Chinese food, some like Japanese, some like Greek and Mediterranean,
      Italian, Mexican and of course standard American foods like potatoes and hamburgers.

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