Do you like Chocolate? Do you eat Peanuts?

We investigated Chocolate and how it was first introduced to the world.

Do you like Chocolate?  We learned today that Europeans eat more pounds of Chocolate each year than the USA.   Even through when it was first delivered to Spain they did not like the bitter taste of the Cacao so they added sugar to make it taste better in their drinks.   They keep it a secret for a long time.  The Europeans did not learn about this secret until 100 years later when they hear about adding the sugar.   Do you know where cacao beans grow?  How many beans does it take to make a pound of Chocolate?  Do you know how much Chocolate is eaten at Valentine’s Day?

Some ways we like Chocolate are in candies, Chocolate ice cream, pudding, chocolate chip pancakes, chocolate chip cookies, hot cocoa, chocolate milk, Chocolate muffins.  What is your favorite type of Chocolate?


Where did the peanut originate?  How is it used?

We like Snickers candy bars which has chocolate and peanuts.

We like to eat roasted peanuts.

Some of us have allergies to peanuts.

Peanuts do not grow on trees like nuts do.  They are related to beans and peas.

Do you eat peanuts in your country?  How do you like them?


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