International Club begins

2nd grade students were excited yesterday with the start of International Club.  21 eager students and 3 teachers will travel the world to learn more about Peru, Australia and England.  Our first project was to learn how we needed a passport.   Then we applied for our passport and got approved to take the 2:45 flight from Charlotte to Peru.   We a flight simulator (YouTube) students boarded the plane (chairs in classroom set in rows) and it appeared that we actually were flying.  Landing in Lima, Peru students exited the plane and had their passport stamped then reviewed information learned during an earlier presentation at our school about Peru.   We learned they speak two languages.  The flag is red and white with the crest showing a Llama, cornucopia and  chichona tree  .   The Llama is important to the Inca’s and Peru people for the wool to make clothing.  We learned about the city of Lima.  We talked about the Incas.    We looked at the city from google earth and saw the street view.   After that we planned our project of making our own Tunic like the Inca wore.  The more colorful the designs are on the cotton tunic the richer the people are.  Next week we will take our plans and design our own with glitter glue, fabric, paint and other items.  Then we will leave Peru in South America for Australia.   How many hours will it take us?   Can we go nonstop?  How will Australia and Peru be alike and how are they different?

Travel through the Biomes of the World

Fifth grade students completed their travel brochures to various biomes of the world. Would you prefer the rain forest, tundra, grasslands, deciduous forest, deserts or one of the freshwater or marine Biomes for your next visit? They researched plants, animals, cultures of the area they chose to highlight in their travel brochures. What do you need to bring with you, what kind of weather to expect and how much it might cost you. Do you like lots of trees, do you like wet weather, or hot and dry, do you like it cold and frozen or sunny and clear?

Which would you pick if someone said you could travel where ever you wanted and not worry about the cost? Why would you choose that biome? What do you believe is the best one to visit and what would be your least favorite and why?

Cards and Packages Arriving Daily from Schools Near and Far

Our project by Jen is well underway and we keep getting cards from many schools.   We are learning about schools near and far away.   Some of them have programs like we do and some are very different.   We are excited everyday to check the mail and see who has sent them today.   Some from California and Canada, Texas, New York, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Florida.




Global Studies – Communicating with Others on PhotoPeach

We also got a wonderful package from friends in Australia.  Our pen pals there sent letters and pictures, a map, a tiny stuffed kangaroo (we think he is cute), cards with animals, a calendar and a DVD.  It took a while to come to us but it held many surprises.  Thank you friends and Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

Brazilian Principals Visit Us

Fifth Grade Gets Visit from Brazilian PrincipalsWe recently had the opportunity to learn about education in Brazil.   Three Brazilian principals visited in Union County Schools and talked with our fifth graders and then took at tour of our school

Ellie Compares RYRES to Brazil Schools  Ellie uses a Venn Diagram to compare.

Did you know to be a principal in Brazil that your peers (other teachers you work with) elect you to become principal?

They go to school in 2 shifts in elementary and 3 shifts in high school.   A shift is 4 hours long.

They learn many of the same subjects that we do like math, reading, science and social studies.  They also learn a foreign language.

They speak Portuguese.  We had to have an interpreter.

They have computers like we do.

They have a big test to see about going to college.

They have to pay for school.