Habit Four and Five

Habit 4 (350x263)Habit Four-  Think Win-Win – You can either choose a Win-Win situation and compromise so that both groups succeed or you can choose a Win-Lose where one is the winner and the other the loser or lose-lose where not one wins.







Habit Five-  Seek first to Understand and then to be understood– Do you listen and figure out what the other person is saying before responding or do you only partially listen and then add a response?

Habit 5 (1) (250x188) Habit 5 (250x187)



Habits Two and Three

We each did a google drawing for the habits.  If we were in Kindergarten and first grade Mrs. Todd typed what we said.  If we were in second through fifth we typed our own so some words may be misspelled.  We didn’t have time to add a picture.  When we do these habits we look at our mission statement and vision and then we set our individual goals.   For example if we can add numbers 1-10 we might then set our next goal to do numbers 10 – 20.  Or if we are reading at a level 20 then we might set it to read at a level 24 next time.   We are working on Begin with the End in Mind and knowing where we want to be in the future.  Some of us are focused only on this year and some are looking at the far off future.

Habit Two (350x263) (2)



Habit 2 (350x263) Habit Two

Begin with the End in Mind

What goals do you see for yourself in five years, ten years, even 20 years?

Set Goals



Plan– where do you want to be and what do you want to do in the future?


Habit 3 (350x263)




Habit Three

Put First Things First


  • I spend my time on things that are most important.
  • This means I say no to things I should not do.
  • I set priorities.
  • Make a schedule
  • Follow my plan.
  • I am organized
  • I get important things done.
  • I enjoy doing certain things to relax but I need to not do them to much.

Are you successful with Habit Three-  Put First Things First


What does proactive mean to you?


  We think it’s choosing our moods, attitudes and how we behave each day.  We will take initiative and be responsible.

We will take care of ourselves at home by cleaning our rooms, packing our book bags on our own, we will dress ourselves and brush our teeth,  do our homework and reading.  At school we will pick the right thing to do even when no one is watching us.  We will be responsible.  We will make good choices and pick important things.   We will use proactive language rather than reactive language.

I’ll do it                                                                                                                                        I’ll try
I can do better than that                                                                                                       That’s just how I am
Let’s look at our options                                                                                                       There’s nothing I can do
I choose to                                                                                                                                  I have to
There has to be a way                                                                                                             I can’t
I’m not going to let your bad mood rub off on me                                                    You ruined my day


Habit One (1) (350x263)Habit 1  (350x263) (2)Habit One (2) (350x263) Habit One (350x263)

7 Habits -Leader in Me

leaders mural


Rocky River students and staff are learning all about the 7 habits and being leaders.  Stay turned next week to see what the students think each habit means for kindergarten through fifth grade students.    Each day we will explain one of the habits.   See if you do these things in your daily lives.

Habit 1- Be Proactive

Habit 2- Begin with the End in Mind

Habit 3- Put first things first

Habit 4- Think Win-Win

Habit 5- Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood

Habit 6- Synergize

Habit 7- Sharpen the Saw


tree leader in me

If you are a leader in me school we’d love to hear from you also.   There are Leader in Me schools around the world so let us know who you are.