10th Year- Edublog Awards 2013- WHO WILL WIN?

It’s time for the 10th Edublog Awards and many wonderful blog sites could be listed for several categories so it was hard to pick just one for some of them.

The purpose of the Edublog Awards is promote and demonstrate the educational values of blogging and social media.  It’s tough to decide who to nominate because you can only nominate one blog for each category and there are many, many super blogs to choose from worldwide and many could fit in multiple categories we felt.   A Room with a View  and Mrs. Monaghan (England) could go under several categories, Mrs. Yollis’s  Class (California, USA) class could also go under many and Ms. Crowther and Upper Plenty (Australia ) fit under more than one category .  All three of these teachers and classes demonstrate to others ways to incorporate social media with students.   It was hard to decide where each fit the best!    We edited them over and over and finally decided on our nominations for most categories.   Then we had both Mr. Ross Mannell and Mr. Larry Ferlazzo  we felt could have gone under either category.  They both inspire teachers and students with their informative information.  We constantly learn new things from both of them.




 Our nominations are……….

How can you make your blog site more appealing?  

What makes a good blog site?  

What is the best social media to use?


 Good luck to all the nominees!  

Who will Win? VOTE VOTE VOTE

We were thrilled to see the shortlist of nomination’s for our friends that we’ve done so many projects with.   It’s really hard to vote only once each day since they all are so good and different in their post.  We love our blogging and skyping projects with them all.

Check them out and then vote.



  • We want them all to win.
  •  Who do you think should win?  
  • They all have influenced us so it’s really hard to decide.
  •  Good luck Middlham, Upper Plenty, Learning Legends, Ins and Outs, and Ms. Fraher and Friends.






These we haven’t done a project with but we follow their blog sites.







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