Students Learn about Scotland

Second grade students in Mrs. Harlow’s class had a special visitor on Friday, November 7 from another continent.  As a VIF teacher, Mrs. Harlow is lucky enough to meet people from all over the world. The special visitor, Mr. Lannagan is from Scotland which borders the country England where Mrs. Harlow was born and raised.   The two countries, along with Wales, make up Great Britain. Mr. Lannagan shared many interesting facts with the boys and girls.

To begin with he read a story called, “The Gruffalo” written by a popular British author, Julia Donaldson. The children knew the story written in English but Mr. Lannagan brought along the Scottish version and although they speak English in Scotland their dialect is very different. The children had a blast trying to figure out the meaning of some of the words as he shared the story with them. Did you know “mucked” is a Scottish word for “big”?  This surprised everyone!

Mr. Lannagan shared the Scottish flag and talked about how it is a part in the British flag. The children asked questions about life in school in Scotland and what the country looks like.

The children were very excited the minute they saw Mr. Lannagan because of his special clothes. He wore a kilt and his sporran (used like a wallet where a kilt has no pockets). He shared with us the special times he would wear this and the traditions involved.

We love to learn about other cultures at Rocky River and this was a great experience for children and staff!

This is the second time that students at Rocky River have had a chance to hear Julia Donaldson’s stories.  A few years ago we did a study of her books and compared our favorites with A Room with a View in Middleham.  What are your favorites?   Do you know of other authors that children love around the world?

Scotland 1

Snail and Whale Swam in for a visit

When we arrived at school this morning Sebastian spotted another package.  It was near the Promethean Board so we all hurried to look at it.


Later we decided we needed to know some things about it….

  1. Who was it from?
  2. Was it light or heavy?
  3. Where did it come from?
  4. Why did it come here?
  5. How much did it cost to send it to us?
  6. Who is if for?
  7. How many days did it take to arrive?
  8. How much will it cost to go back?

Then we passed the package around to find out some of the answers.

It was light.  It was to Brenda Todd.  It came from Jim Alvaro.   It cost $6.30 cents to mail it by United States Post Office.

It didn’t say international mail or air mail like the other packages had in bold print.  It had Priority Mail on the box.  We then spotted a small thing that said air mail.

We then make predictions about what might be inside this mystery package.

  •  Will- Another set of Flat Stanley’s.
  • David- Flat Stanley’s
  • Angel- Flat Stanley’s
  • Oscar- Flat Stanley
  • Jaidyn- more candy and a towel, Flat Stanley’s
  • Monzerrat- a towel
  • Liana- Flat Stanley
  • J ohn-Flat Stanley
  • Sophia- Flat Stanley and some notes
  • Brittany- Snail and Whale project
  • Allison- Flat Stanley , candy, book
  • Bryan- candy, Flat Stanley and note and book
  • Nicolas- Flat Stanley’s we sent
  • Kaitlyn- candy, towel, Flat Stanley
  • James- book and Flat Stanley
  • Elliott- Flat Stanley
After lunch we opened the package and found that Brittany had predicted right.  It was the snail and whale all the way from New Zealand.  Perhaps all the rain we had yesterday washed them in from the sea.   The box wasn’t wet.   We looked at the book and inside saw that they had traveled from another school.  We noticed inside the book it came from Russell Street School in Palmerston North , New Zealand then traveled on to The Classroom Connection in New Brunswick , Canada.   We don’t know where it went from there.  If you know please tell us.

Snail and Whale on PhotoPeach