Land of Extremes- Colombia, South America

This time we went to South America for an Adventure in Colombia.

Colombia, South America

They have gold and I love gold. So I want to go to Colombia.  They dance so good.  I want to learn how to dance like they did.  They have really, really long dresses, they don’t even trip over their dresses.  They danced barefoot in Colombia.  I think that is AWESOME!  They even have snow-topped volcanoes.  That’s AWESOME to because you think volcanoes are hot and would melt the snow.

Amanda- 2nd grade

Colombia, SA

It has 10% of the world’s animal population.  It has the 2nd longest river in the world.  If stretched out it would go a long way around the world.  They have a great soccer player.  They speak English and Spanish.  The Amazon River is the 2nd longest river and the Amazon Rainforest is there.

Charlie- 2nd grade

Colombia, SA

Shakira gets paid at a music concert and builds schools for kids in Colombia.  The volcanoes are so high up they have snow on them.  They have many diverse animals in Colombia. They have gold.  They learn French, Spanish and English in their schools.

2nd grade –

Colombia, SA-

The children wear uniforms to school.  They have lots of flowers and sell them to the United States.  They have flower farms and the ladies work there putting flowers together.  The flag is red, yellow and blue.

Conor- 2nd grade



We began our journey in the Amazon (home for 10 % of all the animals in the world); we continued and arrived where the beaches of Atlantic and Pacific Ocean are. We learned that Colombia is the only country to border two oceans in South America.   We kept going and flew on top of the snow covered volcanoes and the peaks of the Mountains of the Andes. When we passed over the grasslands, the students were able to appreciate the beautiful sunsets that would illuminate the birds’ way home. Finally, we came to the desert and admired the diversity of colors of the sand and were delighted with its’ musical rhythms.

The country is full of hard-working people who help in the manufacture of export products, for example: coffee, gold, emeralds, banana, flowers and more.  Colombia has many natural resources but it’s people are it’s main asset.




Come Visit North Carolina Mountains

Touring the Mountain region of North Carolina from Brenda on Vimeo.

We want to tell you about the Mountain region of North Carolina and what you can do.   Come visit Grandfather Mountain, Linville Caverns  Blowing Rock/Boone, Asheville,  Biltmore House and the Waynesville area – Cherokee Indian Reservation.  Go for a hike and see animals like whitetail deer, bear, squirrel and birds.   Go snow skiing in the winter!  See lots of waterfalls.

Outdoor recreation and outdoor adventures are seemingly endless in the Western North Carolina mountains, the outdoor playground of the Southeast. Visitors enjoy whitewater rafing, biking and hiking  and experiencing the highest peaks in the entire Eastern U.S.  Grandfather Mountain is important for it’s biodiversity and it is named because it looks like a grandfather sleeping.   There is the mile high swinging bridge to experience while there and it is  5,946 feet elevation at Grandfather Mountain.

Mount Mitchell is the tallest peak in the Eastern United States at well over a mile high. At an elevation of 6,684 feet (2,037 metres).  In Asheville you can visit the largest private owned home Biltmore Estates.  You can shop at outdoor markets and go to parks.  You can go to the folk art center and learn crafts.  You can go to the Botanical Gardens.  You can visit Tweestie Railroad and ride an old fashion train.  You can travel to Linville Caverns and go underground and see waterfalls.    The mountains also are a place to golf and horseback ride.   In Boone you can see a play Horn in the West and in Cherokee you can see another about Cherokee life while visiting the Cherokee Indian Reservation where you can shop, fish and hike.  We invite you to enjoy the many fun and relaxing things to do such as the Oconaluftee Indian Village, “Unto These Hills” Outdoor Drama, Museum of the Cherokee Indians and Qualla Arts and Crafts Mutual.

As you can see many adventures await you in the North Carolina Mountains.