Where Are You?`

We started our year off learning about where we fit into the world.  Think about your relative location in the world, country or state and tell us how to locate you.   First we started small

This is where we were at the moment….

  1. In global studies in the computer lab/room.lab (1)

But there was a problem with telling that to others.

They wouldn’t be able to find us just from this answer.

So we decided to think a little bigger.  We decided that we were…….

2.   At Rocky River Elementary School           RockyRiverMisc_2011089

Can  you find us yet?

We decided to do a google search for Rocky River Elementary School.

Once again there was a problem.  We found several Rocky River Schools.  3 of them were elementary schools and one high school so were decided to mark the high school one off.  We started looking at addressess of each of the schools.

10505 Clear Creek Commerce Dr
Charlotte, NC

500 N Rocky River Rd
Monroe, NC

5454 Rocky River Rd
Concord, NC


Rocky River Elementary School
483 Rocky River Rd
Mooresville, NC  28115 (Iredell County)

We decided this wouldn’t help you know where we are.

What would help you figure out which one we are?

Comparing Schools in Australia and Rocky River and Comparing Others in Discussions

Each class contributed information to add throughout the week during their Global Studies class.   We research for several weeks and finally this week we created our first project together on Google docs.


Rocky River School and Australian Schools
  There are 7 second grade classrooms at Rocky River with about 140 students.   We found many schools to be smaller overall to our 820 students.  But we also discovered they had some of the same books, math/maths manipulatives, interactive boards and computers and playgrounds.  Some classes did the same subjects and some added other things.   We liked all the outside playtime everyone got.  We are required only 30 minutes per day.  Barriers to our education might come more as alarm clocks not going off, parents sick or working, no transportation if car rider, clothes not clean and bad weather (snow, hurricanes, storms, tornadoes) but we didn’t face barriers like some places that had war and had to pay for school to even go.    We think that Australia is similar to us in the barriers they might face. Is your school similar to Rocky River or the Australian schools?  Of course, we didn’t get to do all Australian schools in our research. We were most amazed by the ones in the Outback that we read about called Radio Schools.  We’d like to hear from someone that has done one of these and learn more about it. We want to thank Ms. Cartwright and her students at Newrybar Primary school for their help.  That school is in New South Wales.  They are part of our penpal project Exploring Our Places and our post card project.   Take a moment and make a comment to this new class of bloggers. Her new blog site is http://cartwheels.edublogs.org/2013/10/23/exploring-our-place/   Ms Crowther’s in Victoria was also helpful in our project and answered several questions.       http://upps56jc.global2.vic.edu.au/ View Larger Mapnewrybar (1)   Other schools and blog sites that helped us compare schools in other places included many continents.  Even though our focus was on Australia we have explored schools in England, Canada, Africa, Brazil and Scotland during our investigations. We also appreciate the opportunity to look into Mrs. Lynch’s second grade classroom on her blog site from Canada We loved seeing the video and comparing our classrooms to theirs.  They read many of the same books. We saw The Littles, Pete the Cat, lots of Dr. Seuss books and many other familiar titles.  They had pattern blocks.  They did math.  We wonder more about games they play and what they bring in their lunches. http://teacher102.edublogs.org/2013/09/22/a-peek-into-our-grade-2-classroom/ Mrs. Monaghan and a Room with a View has been our learning partners for several years as we learn more about their class and school.  Their blog site is http://aroomwithaview.edublogs.org/  Mrs. Monaghan continues to share and answer our questions often. We were amazed at the zipline in Scotland.  We got involved with Burravoe Primary through a post card project and learned a lot about their small school.   Many things were different yet similar here.  Did you know they are on an island that you have to ride a ferry to get your car to the mainland?  They often have to stay on the island because of so much wind. We noticed they had a lot of technology for such a small school.    Visit their site to learn more about this small interesting Shetland Island school.  https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/sh/BurravoePrimarySchool/ We enjoyed viewing the wiki between  Burravoe and Longhaugh.

Longhaugh/Burravoe wiki

Welcome Back

Hello world,

We are busy learning about schools around the world and would like to learn more about your school to compare.

Please leave us a brief description of your school, the school day and where you are located.


We have about 820 students in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade.  We have 17 pre-kindergartens that are four year olds.  We have about 150 kindergartens.  There are 8 classrooms of kindergarten children.  We have six and seven of other grades.  When you are in first grade you might be six then turn seven.  We have about 40 classroom teachers.  We have a PE teacher, music, art, global studies/technology and media teacher for specials.

Our school Rocky River is 7 years old.RockyRiverMisc_2011089

  • It’s very bright and shaped like a capital E.  We have bright blue, bright green and orange hallways.
  • We have 3 playgrounds.
  • We are located in Monroe, North Carolina in Union County.

We got our first postcard this week through the post card project.  It came from the Shetland Islands.  We were very excited to compare their playground to our playground.  It came from Burravoe Primary School.  Do you know where we  found the Shetland Islands?   We looked them up on google earth today.  Can you find them?

playground bridge 2013

  • Some of us bring lunch from home and some buy and eat lunch from our cafeteria.
  • We have math, literacy (reading, writing, word study) and science or social studies daily.   We have recess (outside time for 30 minutes) and lunch.  We go to specials for 40 minutes each day.
  • Some of us come to school by car and many by big yellow buses.  No one walks to school.
  • Monroe is a small town outside Charlotte, NC which is about 30 minutes away.  There are about 27,000 people we found out.    It has farms, the city streets and buildings and several other nearby small towns.  There are about 30 elementary schools in Union County.  We might see horses, cattle, sheep, goats, chickens on our way to school.   We see neighborhoods with many houses.  We see houses by themselves.

Visit the website for Monroe to learn more about where we are.





Maori Welcome Song

Where do you find the Maori language?  What do you know about the Maori culture?

Room 113 students had a chance on Thursday to learn a welcome song.   Ms. Lologa and her students  at New Town taught us the words to a new song as we skyped with them.

Tena Koe – Hello to one

Tena Korua Hello to two

Tena Koutou – Hello to all

Haere mai everyone, Welcome everyone