Presenting our Cultural Resumes



Students  have been busy talking with their parents and finding out about their ancestors.   We are finding we come from many countries.  We watched a video about gestures (hand shakes, heads moving) and their meanings from around the world.   We learned a song about saying hello around the world.  We discussed why it’s important to understand different cultures.


Do you know where your ancestors came from?   Did they need to travel a long way from their country of origin to come to America?


8 thoughts on “Presenting our Cultural Resumes

  1. Hi Roadrunners
    My name Monaghan is the name of a county in Ireland, and that is where my husband’s family came from, 5 generations ago. They were forced to move because a famine left them with no food and no means to live: it was a time when many people left Ireland, moving either to Glasgow, Liverpool or America – wherever the boats would take them. My own family has Welsh origins, so my kids, who were born in Scotland, are truly British, being part English, part Scottish, part Welsh and part Irish!

  2. Do you students all come from England? Do they have ancestors in other places too? What is the most popular place for ancestors to come from at your school?

  3. Hello Roadrunners,

    Looks like you all did a great job researching and sharing your information about where your families have come from.

    My family comes from the UK, even though I live in Australia. On my Dad’s side, both my grandparents are Welsh and on my Mum’s side, my grandfather is Scottish and my grandmother English. So, I have a lot of British blood in me, but I have never lived in Britain! A few years ago I did a little research on my family tree and discovered that my paternal grandfather has some cousins living in America.

    Do any people in your class have Brittish or Australian ancestors?

    Miss Crowther

  4. Hi Roadrunners,

    We are hoping that you are ok because we have heard that Hurricane Sandy is nearby.

    We have seen some pictures. It looks like you have a lot of water around and we read that the winds are up to 150km/h with gusts of 185km/h. Brent thinks that is very fast!!

    We hope that you are okay and please keep us up to date.

    Your blogging friends from Down Under,
    3/4C, UPPS, Australia

  5. Hurricane Sandy really didn’t give us a lot of problems. It gave a lot of rain on the coast of NC and winds. It landed in New Jersey and has created problems in New York with flooding. We have had some winds but nothing like you mentioned here. The mountains got some snow. James says his cousin is in New York and the water is really high there it’s up to her building. His dad was up there and he was at a hotel and he made it home.

    Thank you for checking in on us. That was very nice and thoughtful. It’s nice when people show empathy.

    • Hello Mrs. Todd,

      Here in Australia, one of our TV channels stayed on all day to keep people updated on the progress of the storm. Having seen the damage a storm and the storm surge of water can bring, I had been thinking of US friends along the east coast. I am glad you are much safer inland from the coast. Hope all goes well with the clean up for those facing the high intensity storm.


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