Global Recognition for Rocky River

We are excited to be recognized for the 3rd year as an International School in Union County Public Schools of North Carolina.   UCPS is considered a leader throughout North Carolina for its focus on global education.  For the past six years, the UCPS Global Schools Program has encouraged educators to bring global education into the classroom.

Schools are rated in five categories depending on points earned through its level of participation.  Schools document their growth through an electronic portfolio as we infuse globalization into the curriculum.  It shows our schools’ commitment to connecting our students to others around the world. We are proud of our work and accomplishments.  Documentation included work with our sister schools in England and Australia.  Our VIF teacher (Visiting International Faculty) also brought the English culture to our school through many lessons about her country of origin.  We learned about many countries of focus through each grade.  Kindergarten focuses on North America, First graders focus is Africa, Second graders focus on Australia/Oceania, Third graders focus on Europe, Fourth graders focus is Asia, and fifth graders focus is South America.   The whole school had a program about the Chinese culture and a focus about castles around the world especially in the United Kingdom.   Students collected money for a service learning project through Heifer International and was able to donate several animals to make life better for others around the world.  We participated in virtual field trips to the Great Barrier Reef and for Remembrance Day in England.  Second grade students learned about rugby, foods, and castles during International Club with Mrs. Harlow (VIF teacher) and Mrs. Todd (Global Teacher Leader).

During a principal’s meeting (October 1) 49 schools were recognized with a plaque.  Principals of schools designated International Schools received a banner to display at their schools in addition to the plaque.  Fifteen schools were classified as International Schools which is the top recognition having earned 85+ points.

At the next staff meeting the plaque and banner were presented to the global committee and staff.

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4 thoughts on “Global Recognition for Rocky River

  1. Congratulations Rocky River Elementary!

    Ross Mannell
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

    • Thank you, We couldn’t have done much of what we’d done without your help. Thank you for helping us with our global studies.

  2. Hello Mrs Todd and Roadrunners,

    Congratulations on your award! You do a brilliant job learning about the world through your blog and different projects Mrs Todd organises that I can completely understand why you have received this award for three years! A massive achievement and one to be very proud of! 🙂

    We have enjoyed working with you on different projects over the years. I think it is a great idea how each year level focuses on a different part of the world. Do any second graders have some questions for us about Australia?

    Looking forward to reading about your next project!

    Miss Crowther @ UPPS, Australia

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