Comparing Our Lives- Around the World

We would like to compare your life to ours if you can answer some questions for us. We’ve answered a few for you!  We’ll do more later.

  1. What time does your school begin and end?   ( 7:30 a.m.- 2:00 p.m.)
  2. How many days do you go to school each year?  (185 days)
  3. When does your school start a new school year and end? August 25- June 10
  4. Do you set down to meals with your family (on weekends and when out of school)?  What time do you average doing this?   Do you talk or is everybody on cell phones or i-pads or watching TV?
  5. Do you have a dress code at school or wear uniforms?
  6. What are some activities you do with your families?
  7. How much homework do you have each night?
  8. Do most kids have computer access at home?
  9. What are some favorite games you play outside?
  10. Do you travel to other countries for vacation each year?  If so where?
  11. What are some places you like to visit near your home/school?
  12. Do you have pets?  If so what kind?   (We learned last week from a video that in Japan their homes are small and they can rent a pet for an hour or a day).  We found this interesting.
  13. Describe your community.   Rural, urban, suburban, homes, stores, open spaces, etc.
  14. We also found it interesting that in several countries people drive on the left side with the steering wheel on the right side.  We drive on the right with the steering wheel on the left.  We wondered why some countries are different and if it would be hard to adjust.   How do most people travel in your community?  (bus, train, walking, bike, car, truck)


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