Education Around the World

Our focus this school year has been schools around the world and barriers/obstacles students face getting that Education.   We explored several countries and learned about their schools.   What we found out through our inquiry was…

China- has a very structured school system.   We noticed they exercise together each day doing the same routine with a school (student leader)  Their classrooms didn’t seem to have much space.   There were no small group areas and no carpet areas to set and heard stories or do work together.   They sat in rows and the teacher was at the front talking.  The walls did not have anchor charts or decorations.

we visited a school outside under a bridge.   There was no building they sat on a rolled out mat and took it home each day.   The teacher volunteered his time to teach the students a few hours each day.   Often the students had to work to help their families in the poor areas so they couldn’t always come to school.

Japan- we noticed their walls had more decorations although students still were in rooms not groups of desk.   They also valued education and good grades and often went to a second school after the first free one was over.  Students did get to learn fun things after the core subjects.  They got to do woodworking, cooking, and other classes of interest to the students.   They played some sports and took music lessons.


Some children had to cross dangerous bridges to get to school.  Some had to walk miles and miles through rain and snow and the heat.  Some had to work to help their families with money.  Many schools offer more than one language throughout the world, Gaelic in Ireland and English, Spanish and English, French and English in England.  Often they didn’t have supplies or couldn’t  afford the uniforms.

Education is important to many students around the world but it seemed to be easier to obtain by some than others.  The students who had to travel the long distance, face obstacles and barriers often were very dedicated and resourceful in learning as much as possible.

Through our service learning project we were able to send one girl to school and buy some animals for the families to earn income from and supply them with needed food.


What can you tell us about schools in your area?   Do you have technology at your school?  Do kids face obstacles in coming to school and if so what are these?

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