2 thoughts on “Where Are We ?

  1. Hi Neighbors. My name is Miriam Martin and I am the tech coordinator at a K-7 school in Orange, NJ. We’re very new to blogging and we’re anxious to connect with other learners. Your class blog is very interesting. I don’t have my own classroom or students. My students are the eager techies who come to Open Lab before school starts and others who stay after school for tech academy – ages 7-12. Would anyone like to connect with us? Our school blog which is just getting started – is 355cleveland.edublogs.org.
    Thank you.
    Ms. Martin

    • We will try to connect some. We are in the middle of a project about agriculture and food around the world if you would like to help out with it by letting your kids do some research and do a post about your area. We are trying to do some states and countries.

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