Foods We Like–What Are Your Favorites?

Meghan, Ballie and Tara– These are some of the foods we like.  We have been so busy doing final assessments we forgot to answer this question.
We have lots of different kinds of food. American, Chinese, Mexican, Thai, Japanese, Italian, Greek and many others with us being a country made up of various culture groups.
Students love places like McDonald’s, Burger King, Sonic Burger, Chic Fil A, Bojangles, Wendy’s as fast food places.
They also like places like MacAlister’s (sandwiches and other food) , Panera Bread, and Subway Shops.
Other dining places include Chinese and Mexican dishes at various restaurants.   We have Outback (steaks) , Olive Garden (Italian), Shomars (Greek), Longhorn Steak, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Mayflower (fish places).  We also enjoy various kinds of barbeque (pork, chicken) sweet and sour versions. 

At home we have hot dogs, hamburger, mac and cheese, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, meat (turkey and ham sandwich), chicken, steaks, Vegetables (corn on cob, beans, peas, potatoes, broccoli, salads) and we like ice cream and cake, cookies, brownies, candy. We drink milk, juices, sodas (coke, mountain dew, pepsi, sprite,) gatorade,lemonade and cold sweetened and unsweetened tea.

Current jobs –Monroe, NC

Gabriel researched and found that some current jobs in this area are supervisors, assistant teacher, data base administrator, front end supervisor, classroom instructor, Starbucks clerk, produce clerk, shift manager, warehouse supervisor, AT & T, event specialist, sales manager, market manager, cashier. 

The news everyday tells how many people are unemployed and how many teachers and instructional assistant are losing their jobs.  What’s a good job going to be when we graduate?   What kinds of skills do you think we will need?   What will we need to be good at doing?   Will certain jobs totally disappear in 2021 when we graduate?  What do you think?

Poisionous Spiders in North Carolina and North America

 Bradley found that there are two poisonous spiders common to North Carolina and North America.  The black widow  likes the underside of rocks or wood, sometimes living in dense brush. This is the easier recognized of the two poisonous spiders in North Carolina. The adult females are black with a red hourglass shape on their belly. However color of the hourglass can be from white to yellow as well.

The Brown Recluse is a night time hunter and like dark places to live. They live under woodpiles, rocks, and other cover when living outdoors. If they move in with you they tend to like bathrooms, basements and attics. They like to hide in  cardboard boxes and in clothes or shoes in closets, which leads to the most common reason of a human being bitten by one.

You need to get treatment if bitten because of the venom being so poisonous and dangerous.  Avoid these spiders if possible.

What do you think is a spider an insect?   Why or Why not?   There are many other variety of spiders in the United States.

Life in Union County

Union County combines the best of both worlds, allowing residents to enjoy a metropolitan lifestyle in a rural setting. Located in the Southern Piedmont, Union County has a population of approximately 132,000 with the county ranking as the fastest growing county in North Carolina. The county’s economy is built on a combination of agriculture and a growth in business and industry. Located within 20 minutes of Charlotte, residents are offered abundant cultural opportunities, entertainment experiences and educational resources.

Union County is buffered from this urban city by the agricultural landscape of the county. Citizens enjoy the small town closeness just minutes from a metropolitan environment. The city of Monroe is the county seat; other incorporated towns are Fairview, Marshville, Wingate, Weddington, Waxhaw, Stallings, Lake Park, Marvin, Indian Trail, Wesley Chapel, Unionville, Mineral Springs and Hemby Bridge.

Union County’s central location within the state provides quick access to both the mountains and the seashore. Union County is also within commuting distance of several nationally ranked colleges and universities.


Life at Rocky River Elementary-Monroe, NC

Rocky River Elementary is an awesome school.   We have something happening every moment of the day.  We have reader’s and writer’s workshop every day.   We do math and science or social studies.   We have recess and lunch.   We go on field trips like the one to Scheile Museum in Gastonia, NC.

We want to invite you to see what we are doing.


Rocky River Elementary School on PhotoPeach

Tornadoes in North Carolina


Yesterday I made a homemade tornado in bottles.   I shared it with my classmates.  I’ve been reading Magic School Bus–Twister Trouble.   I like writing down how to make stuff.

Today I research tornadoes and this is some of the information I found.

There was a tornado seen in space.

13, 000 people have died.

5 roads were damaged.

A hardware store was completely destroyed.

Tornadoes don’t come to North Carolina as often because we aren’t in what’s called Tornado Alley.  This time North Carolina was hit hard and more lives were lost than in the other southern states that were hit.  People lost their lives, their homes and things were destroyed and damaged.  They are still repairing things torn up by this big storm.

Our answers for research questions

–Sports in North Carolina–

Parker—Some of these I knew and some I researched.  What is your favorite sport?   Some of us play soccer, baseball, basketball, football and volleyball.  We can  go to the Nascar Hall of Fame and go watch car racing in Charlotte which is near Monroe.  We can watch the Bobcats or the Panthers.

Types of sports- soccer, football, basketball, baseball, nascar, cheerleading

Parker’s definitions– cheerleading– a workout you throw people in the air.

Soccer = kicking fun – We believe that the primary reason children play sports is to have fun.

Teams — Duke Blue Devils, East Carolina , Charlotte 49ers, Wilmington Sea Hawks, North Carolina Tarhells, Bobcats, The Magics and Panthers.


This is the money we have.   They change the way it looks throughout the years so you may still see other versions.  The penny is copper colored.  It’s size is actually larger than a dime which confuses children because it’s worth less.   The nickel is bigger than the dime.  Money in Monroe