Flat Friends Arrived in Gold Canyon, Arizona and from North Yorkshire, England

The Flat Friends have been busy traveling around from place to place.  First it was off to Australia for our Flat Friends and we got some Flat  Friends in return from Australia. They spent several weeks with us  and then off everyone went for a second trip on their journey around the world.

The second round found our Flat Friends heading for Arizona even if it’s in the USA like us it’s across the country in a totally unique environment.  And we got a new set of Flat Friends  from North Yorkshire, England- Middleham Primary School.  No jet lag allowed for these young Flat Friends.  They instantly took off for more adventures! 

Our Flat selves have arrived in Arizona.  We wondered what they were getting into with students at Peralta Trail Elementary in Gold Canyon, Arizona.  Last week we got to skype with these eager third graders.  We got to meet new friends that had received our Flat Friends.  We got to hear about a legend from their area.  Watch for a second post about the skype and the legend.

We are hoping they don’t encounter that mountain lion.


We have been busy with our Flat Friends from England and writing journal entries to send back with them.  It was Mother’s Day so our Flat Friends helped make Mother’s Day cards on Friday to give to our moms.   We want to say HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL THE MOMS AROUND THE WORLD!   Our friends in England celebrated Mother’s Day in March.  

What are we finding to do with this new set of friends?  You’ll have to wait a few days to find out.

Flat Selves travel — Journey 2


Wonder what adventure awaits our Flat Selves as they travel again?

This time they will visit with Mrs. Fraher and students at Peralta Trail Elementary,  which is  nestled in the foothills of the famed Superstition Mountains.  These mysterious mountains shadow their community, Gold Canyon, Arizona.

How many miles is it to Gold Canyon, Arizona?

What kinds of animals and plants will they see?

Will it be anything like North Carolina?

Can they find that mysterious Roadrunner creature?

What will they get into in Arizona?


Flat Friends Traveling Around

A few weeks back we joined with 4 other classes on a Flat Friend journey.   Some of us got to travel to the desert area in Arizona, some to see a castle and history in England, some to Australia to visit the beach, and sites in  Sydney and Victoria .   We received some Flat Friends from Sydney Australia at Curl, Curl,   They’ve gotten a chance to go to some of our special area classes and go home with us.   We’ve had them two whole weeks staying busy as beavers.     Ours got sidetracked on their journey to Sydney in the postal system so we had to go to a back-up plan and send them through email.  We are hoping the originals  arrive soon in Sydney and will be waiting for them when they return to school from their holidays.   Ours came with these wonderful journals and we’ve enjoyed writing in them over their time at Rocky River.

We wonder what everyone has been getting into with their Flat Friends.  You can check out the adventures around the world at this site:      http://flat-stanley-adventures.posterous.com/