Arrival South Africa

The more that Tom was told he was crazy wanting to try and ride his bike round the world and across Africa the more he wanted to do it.  Have you ever wanted to do anything so much that you ignored everyone telling you that you couldn’t do  it  or that it would be dangerous and you couldn’t do it?

He started out with his classmates making fun of him when he blurted out a wish “I’m going to cycle the world.”  Throughout the story everyone tells him reasons he won’t  achieve his dream.  What do you feel is the most important character traits that Tom showed during this epic  journey?

 Our Wonders……

We are wondering if Tom’s adventures are a mirror of Al Humpreys real trip cycling the world.  We’ve seen movies that was nothing like the original book.  We would like to know if the real  trip was a lot different?    What was the most challenging thing to Al Humpreys?  What will be the biggest challenge for Al crossing the Altantic Ocean or going to the South Pole?


We wonder what adventures await Tom on his ride in the Americans?   Where will his bicycle take him next?  What kind of people will he encounter?

Dreaming of Adventures

All of us have adventures to follow.  Some are small and some are grand. 

 Will we accomplish our dreams of adventures? 

Some of us will and some of us will have things that change our future and what we wish to do in life.   

Who will reach for the stars and think all things are possible?

  Will it be you?

  1. Angel- I would like to get a scholarship and go to college.  I want to be a policeman.
  2. Sebastian- I would like to be a game designer.  I would like to create video games and I want to work at McDonald’s.  I want to be an astronaut and study the moon and come back and write a book about the month.
  3. Allison- I would like to go to Europe to see people celebrate holidays and try some food from there.  I want to go to college to be a doctor.
  4. Sophia- I want to go to England to see Mrs. Monaghan.  I want to visit Italy to see where my dad’s family came from.
  5. James- I would like to see the Great Wall in China.  I would like to learn to speak Chinese.
  6. Nicolas-  I want to go to Italy.  I want to try the food there.
  7. David- I want to travel to all countries so I can learn all the languages and try all the kinds of food.  I want to be a scientist.  I want to learn about coins and plants and animals around the world.  I want to learn more about people’s cultures and diversity.
  8. John- I want to save all my monies  so I can give my family money if they are broke.
  9. Liana-  I want to  be good at college.  I want to be a veterinarian.
  10. Gabi-  I want to go to Monroe High School so I can be a soccer coach and be in a parade.
  11. Jaidyn- I want to fly to New York and see traffic and see famous people.  I want to go to college and get a job and work at Wendy’s.  I want to own a Wendy’s restaurant.
  12. Oscar– I would like to visit Spain and Brazil and be a famous soccer player and see all the animals and sample all the foods.
  13. Brittany- I want to go to India.  I want to speak their language.  And try new foods in India.  I want to see elephants and all animals in India.
  14. Nikita-  I would like to go to Egypt and see the mummies and pyramids.  I would like to go to New Zealand and see the mountains and snow on top.  I want to go to college and be a solider.  I want to get better grades and work on my behavior to be on golden ticket every day.
  15. Bryan- I would like  to be a pilot or a fire fighter.
  16. Elliott- I would like to go to Australia to see mountains and to see the coast.
  17. Monzerrat- I would like to go to Hawaii.  I want to taste food there and I think it’s really rich there.
  18. Will- I want to be a pilot.  I want to go to Alaska and go fishing.  I want to party.
  19. Katilyn- I want to see other parts of the world when I grow up and see different kinds of people.  I want to taste other foods and I think they might taste different from different parts of the world.  I really  want to try everything in all the places I visit and try to do what they are doing.