The Boy Who Biked the World

We have been busy exploring countries so as we begin our new read aloud we are tracking Tom’s adventures on his bicycle through Europe and into Africa.   Last year A Room with a View sent us this book and we all read it.  With a new group of students I wanted to share Tom’s adventures and challenges with the new group of students before the school year ends.  Our school year ends for the students on June 10th.

  • What are the challenges he faces?  
  • What adventure do you think an explorer should see in Europe or in Africa?
  • What would be the most interesting country in Europe to visit and why?
  • What animals might we encounter on our trip through Europe and/or Africa?
  •  Where would your journey take you if you could take off anywhere you wanted?
  • What do you think the biggest challenges are for any traveler no matter where they are?
  • Tell us about a site to visit in your country and a food to try while visiting!!

We’d love to hear from every continent so if you read this please respond to our post with a comment.  Since we are exploring the world we’d love to see a comment from as many different places as possible.

Special Friendships Across the Seas

We established a sister school agreement last year with Middleham , Mrs. Monaghan and students in A Room with a View in North Yorkshire, England.   We had a lot of fun blogging, sharing the same books, and skyping during the year.   We hope to continue that special friendship this year with a new group of students.   A few days ago we received our third post card this time from Venice and Mrs. Monaghan.

  •  We wonder how many miles did it have to travel?
  •   How many countries did it go through to get from Venice to North Carolina?  

Mrs. Monaghan and her family took off on a summer adventure of their own traveling by train through 8 countries.  They enjoyed seeing all the different places and people on their summer vacation.  On the postcard she talked about the beautiful sites and the delicous ice cream.

She likes challenges so her students received postcards from these 8 countries while she was traveling.    We wonder were they  able to figure out where she went.  Take a journey of your own and see where she has been by visiting their blog site at:

  • Where would you like to travel if you could?