Mapping Resources/Products North Carolina and Australia


  • What resources/products are the same in North Carolina and Australia?
  • What are some that are different in each place?
  • Why does our maps show Australia having most of their resources around the edge and not in the center of Australia?
  • Is the sugar cane grown in NC the same as the sugar cane grown in Australia?
  • Are the cattle and sheep the same? 
  •  Why do you think both North Carolina and Australia are able to have cattle and sheep?
  • Does your country produce the same things?   Do you have different things?


Mapping – Australia

Recently we started a mapping project to learn more about products and natural resources in Australia and Monroe, NC.  We spent a day working on NC paper maps and using a map key and placing products/natural resouces on the map.  Then another day we did Australia the same way   After that we used a web 2.0 mapping tool — to create the same information with technology.  Watch for these  in a later post.

Ms. Crowther from Upper Plenty sent us some maps showing a few of these to compare.  She did beef, sheep/wool and grains.

Victorian Agriculture (1)




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Mapping Tools

We are starting a project using mapping tools this week.    Our inquiry will be to see if different places around the world have the same natural resources and agricultural products as we have in North Carolina.   We have been learning all about maps this past week.   We learned about map keys, compass rose and grids.   We discussed latitude and longitude.   We looked at the seven continents and 4 oceans on the map.   We compared a model, map and globe.   We have also been learning about natural resources and agricultural products in the three regions of North Carolina so we thought we’d combine the maps with this and then compare places in Australia, England, Canada and New Zealand.

  • What natural resources and agricultural products do you have?
  • What is your favorite mapping tool to use?
  • How can you compare regions of the world using these maps? 
  • What other things could we show on maps?