Land of Extremes- Colombia, South America

This time we went to South America for an Adventure in Colombia.

Colombia, South America

They have gold and I love gold. So I want to go to Colombia.  They dance so good.  I want to learn how to dance like they did.  They have really, really long dresses, they don’t even trip over their dresses.  They danced barefoot in Colombia.  I think that is AWESOME!  They even have snow-topped volcanoes.  That’s AWESOME to because you think volcanoes are hot and would melt the snow.

Amanda- 2nd grade

Colombia, SA

It has 10% of the world’s animal population.  It has the 2nd longest river in the world.  If stretched out it would go a long way around the world.  They have a great soccer player.  They speak English and Spanish.  The Amazon River is the 2nd longest river and the Amazon Rainforest is there.

Charlie- 2nd grade

Colombia, SA

Shakira gets paid at a music concert and builds schools for kids in Colombia.  The volcanoes are so high up they have snow on them.  They have many diverse animals in Colombia. They have gold.  They learn French, Spanish and English in their schools.

2nd grade –

Colombia, SA-

The children wear uniforms to school.  They have lots of flowers and sell them to the United States.  They have flower farms and the ladies work there putting flowers together.  The flag is red, yellow and blue.

Conor- 2nd grade



We began our journey in the Amazon (home for 10 % of all the animals in the world); we continued and arrived where the beaches of Atlantic and Pacific Ocean are. We learned that Colombia is the only country to border two oceans in South America.   We kept going and flew on top of the snow covered volcanoes and the peaks of the Mountains of the Andes. When we passed over the grasslands, the students were able to appreciate the beautiful sunsets that would illuminate the birds’ way home. Finally, we came to the desert and admired the diversity of colors of the sand and were delighted with its’ musical rhythms.

The country is full of hard-working people who help in the manufacture of export products, for example: coffee, gold, emeralds, banana, flowers and more.  Colombia has many natural resources but it’s people are it’s main asset.




Traveling around Central and South America

Last week we took a journey around Central and South America to learn about other places.  Hop on board with us and find the answers to these questions.

What would you like to know about these places?

Bolivia, Chile, Peru, , Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Venezuela

  • Quechua is made an official language of which country?
  • Where would you find these mammals- jaguars, tapirs, alligators, llamas, alpacas(similar to a llama), and monkeys?
  • Which has the Amazon Rain Forest?
  • Which has the highest lake in the world?
  • Which has the 2nd highest mountain in the world?
  • Which  are in Central America and South America?
  • Where is the highest waterfall?   It is called Angel Falls.
  • What is a capybara and where do you find it?
  • Where is the heart of South America?
  • Chacaltaya is the highest ski resort in the world,  Where is it located?
  • One of the native animals is the pudu, the world’s smallest deer- can you find it’s location?
  • 1,080 volcanoes  ________________ has one out of every ten volcanoes in the world.
  • __________________ is home to one of the largest bullfighting arenas in the world. 
  • The ____________ first settled on a tiny, swampy island named Tenochtitlán, now Mexico City.
  • Where is Machu Picchu?  What is it famous for?
  • _____________ is the biggest country in Central America. It’s about the size of Greece or the state of Iowa in the USA.
  • The only freshwater lake in the world known to have sharks is in ______________.
  • Which country has over 1,800 species of birds, more than in all of North America and Europe combined?
  • Where were the Inca people located?  What did they contribute to society?