Travel through the Biomes of the World

Fifth grade students completed their travel brochures to various biomes of the world. Would you prefer the rain forest, tundra, grasslands, deciduous forest, deserts or one of the freshwater or marine Biomes for your next visit? They researched plants, animals, cultures of the area they chose to highlight in their travel brochures. What do you need to bring with you, what kind of weather to expect and how much it might cost you. Do you like lots of trees, do you like wet weather, or hot and dry, do you like it cold and frozen or sunny and clear?

Which would you pick if someone said you could travel where ever you wanted and not worry about the cost? Why would you choose that biome? What do you believe is the best one to visit and what would be your least favorite and why?

Travel Brochures

We’d love to see what you would say about your region if you made a travel brochure.

 During the summer holidays in America we often travel to the beach, the mountains, national parks, big cities, small rural areas and some even travel to other countries on cruises or airplanes.  We see parades and fireworks on the Fourth of July, people have picnics, do water sports, hike, camp, swim, and spend time with family and friends.


  • If you could say five to ten things about your region what would you say to get people to visit and see how wonderful life is there?
  •  What should others make sure they see?  
  • Are there local foods, places to stay or things to do that would make your region the best place to travel?

We challenge you to make a comment on our site and tell us all the important things we should know before we travel.   We’d love to see some comments from all 50 states and from the 7 continents.   Can you help us out and participate during the next few weeks?


The Boy Who Biked the World

We have been busy exploring countries so as we begin our new read aloud we are tracking Tom’s adventures on his bicycle through Europe and into Africa.   Last year A Room with a View sent us this book and we all read it.  With a new group of students I wanted to share Tom’s adventures and challenges with the new group of students before the school year ends.  Our school year ends for the students on June 10th.

  • What are the challenges he faces?  
  • What adventure do you think an explorer should see in Europe or in Africa?
  • What would be the most interesting country in Europe to visit and why?
  • What animals might we encounter on our trip through Europe and/or Africa?
  •  Where would your journey take you if you could take off anywhere you wanted?
  • What do you think the biggest challenges are for any traveler no matter where they are?
  • Tell us about a site to visit in your country and a food to try while visiting!!

We’d love to hear from every continent so if you read this please respond to our post with a comment.  Since we are exploring the world we’d love to see a comment from as many different places as possible.

Adventures into Global Learning

Union County Public Schools in Monroe, North Carolina are introducing students to a global society.   Each elementary school is part of the Global Gateway program.   Teacher’s work on modules learning how to bring globalization into their classrooms and lessons.  They will collaborate and learn about ways to incorporate global learning into their curriculum.

Students will do inquiry based learning by finding answers to questions about a specific region of study.  At Rocky River the second grade will focus on Australia and New Zealand and some smaller islands.

  •  How do Australia, New Zealand and North Carolina compare?
  • Do they have similar cultures?
  • Do they have similar traditions?
  • How are they different?

Special Friendships Across the Seas

We established a sister school agreement last year with Middleham , Mrs. Monaghan and students in A Room with a View in North Yorkshire, England.   We had a lot of fun blogging, sharing the same books, and skyping during the year.   We hope to continue that special friendship this year with a new group of students.   A few days ago we received our third post card this time from Venice and Mrs. Monaghan.

  •  We wonder how many miles did it have to travel?
  •   How many countries did it go through to get from Venice to North Carolina?  

Mrs. Monaghan and her family took off on a summer adventure of their own traveling by train through 8 countries.  They enjoyed seeing all the different places and people on their summer vacation.  On the postcard she talked about the beautiful sites and the delicous ice cream.

She likes challenges so her students received postcards from these 8 countries while she was traveling.    We wonder were they  able to figure out where she went.  Take a journey of your own and see where she has been by visiting their blog site at:

  • Where would you like to travel if you could?

School Year Ends- Flat Friends Fly Back to England

You’ve been around the globe lately and once again you are put in a box to fly off to England.  Mrs. Todd took you home to enjoy a nap before your journey began on Saturday.  The weather was a perfect spring day so you loved the sunshine.   You were put in a box that say Flat rate.

 Mrs. Todd had to tell the man at Parcel Plus what was in the box with you.  She put in a surprise or two but we can’t tell you what it is!   She had to write the address down then he typed it and put it on the box so it would go back to North Yorkshire, England.  She filled the box full so hopefully you aren’t to smashed.  

You are on your way home after  weeks in America.   You’ve had  many adventures around Monroe while here.  Baseball games, soccer games, theme parks, the beach, malls (large shopping areas), out to eat and games at home.  There were rainy days that remind you of home and sunny warm days too.  There were thunder storms too.

Some things we’ve done with you at school  is our final assessments in math, reading and writing  , doing  final projects, reading one last book and signing autograph /year books.  We went to lunch and you got to meet our new friends from New Zealand the Snail and the Whale.  

The last few days you helped draw flags for 73 countries.  We had field day and recess and you cheered us on as we had fun.     We learned how children in different parts of the world all play a form of hopscotch.  You got to meet our Flat Friends as they returned home to Rocky River.  You got to taste Tin Tams and Vegemite from Australia.   You got to help clean and pack up the room.

We had an indoor picnic lunch the last day of school.  You got to see us climb on the big yellow buses to head home for the summer.   Some of us went by car or van.  You got to have blue crushed ice and ice cream sundaes and watch a movie about the coral reef.  You also got to see Sleeping Beauty and Snow White to celebrate our Fairy Tale unit.  You got to help us with Reader’s Theater.    You got to see us get our awards for World Education games and reading and math awards.  We had three students come to school all 180 days-  James, Elliott and Nicolas was here every day.   Elliott has been in school every day for three years.  Congratulations to these boys.  You got to learn about the Queen’s diamond jubilee and we looked at the Olympics in ancient and modern times.   You should arrive home in time for the real Olympics.

Flat Friends Arrived in Gold Canyon, Arizona and from North Yorkshire, England

The Flat Friends have been busy traveling around from place to place.  First it was off to Australia for our Flat Friends and we got some Flat  Friends in return from Australia. They spent several weeks with us  and then off everyone went for a second trip on their journey around the world.

The second round found our Flat Friends heading for Arizona even if it’s in the USA like us it’s across the country in a totally unique environment.  And we got a new set of Flat Friends  from North Yorkshire, England- Middleham Primary School.  No jet lag allowed for these young Flat Friends.  They instantly took off for more adventures! 

Our Flat selves have arrived in Arizona.  We wondered what they were getting into with students at Peralta Trail Elementary in Gold Canyon, Arizona.  Last week we got to skype with these eager third graders.  We got to meet new friends that had received our Flat Friends.  We got to hear about a legend from their area.  Watch for a second post about the skype and the legend.

We are hoping they don’t encounter that mountain lion.


We have been busy with our Flat Friends from England and writing journal entries to send back with them.  It was Mother’s Day so our Flat Friends helped make Mother’s Day cards on Friday to give to our moms.   We want to say HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL THE MOMS AROUND THE WORLD!   Our friends in England celebrated Mother’s Day in March.  

What are we finding to do with this new set of friends?  You’ll have to wait a few days to find out.

Mystery Surrounds Us–What Could Be In Them?

One was brown and like a shoe box the other white and soft with lots of stamps.   They were addressed and sent to our classroom.   Everyone wondered what could it be?  We begged to find out but Mrs. Todd said we needed to get our work done and  we’d check them out later.   They sat in the floor all morning while we did morning math work.  We anxiously wondered What Could be in them?   Where were they from?   Some of us tried to get a sneak peak at them.   Then we went to Music class and when we came back they weren’t there.  What had happened?  The children instantly searched the classroom to see if they had been placed somewhere else but they couldn’t be located.   Stay tuned for what happens next with the mysterious packages!

Flat Selves travel — Journey 2


Wonder what adventure awaits our Flat Selves as they travel again?

This time they will visit with Mrs. Fraher and students at Peralta Trail Elementary,  which is  nestled in the foothills of the famed Superstition Mountains.  These mysterious mountains shadow their community, Gold Canyon, Arizona.

How many miles is it to Gold Canyon, Arizona?

What kinds of animals and plants will they see?

Will it be anything like North Carolina?

Can they find that mysterious Roadrunner creature?

What will they get into in Arizona?


Flat Friends Traveling Around

A few weeks back we joined with 4 other classes on a Flat Friend journey.   Some of us got to travel to the desert area in Arizona, some to see a castle and history in England, some to Australia to visit the beach, and sites in  Sydney and Victoria .   We received some Flat Friends from Sydney Australia at Curl, Curl,   They’ve gotten a chance to go to some of our special area classes and go home with us.   We’ve had them two whole weeks staying busy as beavers.     Ours got sidetracked on their journey to Sydney in the postal system so we had to go to a back-up plan and send them through email.  We are hoping the originals  arrive soon in Sydney and will be waiting for them when they return to school from their holidays.   Ours came with these wonderful journals and we’ve enjoyed writing in them over their time at Rocky River.

We wonder what everyone has been getting into with their Flat Friends.  You can check out the adventures around the world at this site:

Australian animals and landforms

Students learned about the Great Barrier Reef and Uluru (Ayers Rock) during the study of physical features of Australia and drew some pictures  to share.

They also worked on animals posters.   Then they taught children at New Town in Monroe, NC all about these during a Skype session.


Teaching Peers About Other Places


Kia Ora, 


What do  second graders from Rocky River and New Town two schools in Union County, NC learn when they get  together for a Skype session ?   They teach each other about places miles and continents  away that they are learning about this year.    The students at Rocky River have  been learning about Australia  so they answered questions about animals, food, schools, sports and landmarks.  They shared pictures and a song  about a Kookaburra under a gum tree  with New Town students.  They shared  about the Great Barrier Reef,  Uluru/Ayers Rock and the Outback.  The students  had drawn  pictures of Kangaroos, dingoes, wombats and koalas  to share.   Ms. Lologa asked about the special package that had arrived from Australia.  We were  surprised they knew about our Flat Selves arriving from Sydney.   She mentioned they had looked at our Going Global blog site right before the skype.  We were excited they had been one of our visitors.    The second grade classes from New Town had several questions and shared a song and dance with us.  Their teacher, Ms. Lologa,   from New Zealand is a VIF teacher in Union County.     There were two classes  participating from New Town.  Although our connection was not the best we still enjoyed sharing with them. 


Ms. Lologa  answered questions about New Zealand.  Students counted in Maori for us.   We hope to Skype again and have some more time to ask questions about New Zealand.  Students asked about schools and volcanoes.    They heard about landforms and sports like cricket and rugby.

When the  Skype session ended one of the students mentioned he even saw a friend.  Connections new and old being made all in a short time.


Flat Stanley Takes Off for Australia

Flat Stanley is heading for Australia in our collaborative project with several schools around the globe.  We wonder what adventures he will find while there.  We’ve been reading a book about Flat Stanley in Australia.  We wonder if he will have some of the same adventures.  We wonder if he’ll get to visit with a kangaroo, a koala or a dingo.  Will he get to walk on the Sydney Bridge or see the Sydney Opera House?  We’re seen pictures of both of these.   Wonder if he go to the outback, the Great Barrier Reef or see the Gold Coast?  Where will our flat friends arrive and what will they see?  There will be 19 little flat friends traveling together to Curl Curl School in Australia.   We hope they will arrive safely and meet some other friends from A Room with a View.  We skyped with them last week and saw their post today so we know they are also on their way to have adventures in Australia.  We are looking forward to receiving some flat friends to take on adventures here in Monroe, North Carolina.  Miss Migan’s class will host our flat people and share adventures with them.  Wonder what they will see and learn about on their journeys?   We hope they have an amazing journey into the unknown.   Be aware, that the wind is dangerous for Flat people!   Hold on tight to them if it’s windy.


Dreaming of Adventures

All of us have adventures to follow.  Some are small and some are grand. 

 Will we accomplish our dreams of adventures? 

Some of us will and some of us will have things that change our future and what we wish to do in life.   

Who will reach for the stars and think all things are possible?

  Will it be you?

  1. Angel- I would like to get a scholarship and go to college.  I want to be a policeman.
  2. Sebastian- I would like to be a game designer.  I would like to create video games and I want to work at McDonald’s.  I want to be an astronaut and study the moon and come back and write a book about the month.
  3. Allison- I would like to go to Europe to see people celebrate holidays and try some food from there.  I want to go to college to be a doctor.
  4. Sophia- I want to go to England to see Mrs. Monaghan.  I want to visit Italy to see where my dad’s family came from.
  5. James- I would like to see the Great Wall in China.  I would like to learn to speak Chinese.
  6. Nicolas-  I want to go to Italy.  I want to try the food there.
  7. David- I want to travel to all countries so I can learn all the languages and try all the kinds of food.  I want to be a scientist.  I want to learn about coins and plants and animals around the world.  I want to learn more about people’s cultures and diversity.
  8. John- I want to save all my monies  so I can give my family money if they are broke.
  9. Liana-  I want to  be good at college.  I want to be a veterinarian.
  10. Gabi-  I want to go to Monroe High School so I can be a soccer coach and be in a parade.
  11. Jaidyn- I want to fly to New York and see traffic and see famous people.  I want to go to college and get a job and work at Wendy’s.  I want to own a Wendy’s restaurant.
  12. Oscar– I would like to visit Spain and Brazil and be a famous soccer player and see all the animals and sample all the foods.
  13. Brittany- I want to go to India.  I want to speak their language.  And try new foods in India.  I want to see elephants and all animals in India.
  14. Nikita-  I would like to go to Egypt and see the mummies and pyramids.  I would like to go to New Zealand and see the mountains and snow on top.  I want to go to college and be a solider.  I want to get better grades and work on my behavior to be on golden ticket every day.
  15. Bryan- I would like  to be a pilot or a fire fighter.
  16. Elliott- I would like to go to Australia to see mountains and to see the coast.
  17. Monzerrat- I would like to go to Hawaii.  I want to taste food there and I think it’s really rich there.
  18. Will- I want to be a pilot.  I want to go to Alaska and go fishing.  I want to party.
  19. Katilyn- I want to see other parts of the world when I grow up and see different kinds of people.  I want to taste other foods and I think they might taste different from different parts of the world.  I really  want to try everything in all the places I visit and try to do what they are doing.