Mapping – Australia

Recently we started a mapping project to learn more about products and natural resources in Australia and Monroe, NC.  We spent a day working on NC paper maps and using a map key and placing products/natural resouces on the map.  Then another day we did Australia the same way   After that we used a web 2.0 mapping tool — to create the same information with technology.  Watch for these  in a later post.

Ms. Crowther from Upper Plenty sent us some maps showing a few of these to compare.  She did beef, sheep/wool and grains.

Victorian Agriculture (1)




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Our Friends in Australia– Pt Lonsdale Primary School

Our second sister school Pt Lonsdale Primary School, Victoria, Australia          What have they been up to….    they had family blogging month in June to get families and friends involved in their blogging.  Before term was over they picked winners for the month.     We thought this was such a great way to get our families more involved that we’d like to encourage all of you to make comments and get involved with our GoingGlobal blog site.

  Check out their site to see what they did and perhaps leave them a comment from North Carolina.

They’ve also been learning more about Australia in order to teach us about Australia.   We can’t wait to see what they are putting together for us.   We loved learning about other people, places and cultures.   We can read in books and on the internet but it becomes more special to us when we learn about places with other students and teachers.  Ms. Murphy and her students have taught us a lot of things because we enjoy visiting their class blog site.  Take some time to see what is happening with the Learning Legends in Australia.    Be sure and check out their mystery skype.    As they are on a different schedule be sure and continue to check out their site.  Their school is in session at times when we aren’t.

What is one thing you learned from their blog site?

What was the most interesting post and why?

Do you think school there is like Rocky River?

Locate them on a map and see if they are in the outback or near the ocean.  Where are they located at in Australia?