Teaching Others About Why Care about Water?

Water collage (2) Second grade students recently did an inquiry project about water.  They want to teach you a few things about conserving water so that everyone has clean water available.  These are their suggestions of what we all should be doing.

  • Take shorter showers.  Turn off the water while you soap up then turn back on to rinse.  Take showers instead of baths.
  • Wash car with a bucket and sponge rather than a hose to save water.
  • Fix toilet leaks.  (You can figure out if you have one by putting food coloring in the tank and if it shows in the bowl then it needs fixed.
  • Turn water off while you brush your teeth.
  • Use water from the washing machine to water garden.
  • Don’t let water run off and down the drain when watering the lawn.  Water the lawn early or late in the day so it doesn’t evaporate.  
  • Clean up after your pet so it doesn’t pollute the water.  Toss into garbage.
  • Plant trees  to shade the water area.
  • Keep animals (like cows, hogs, horses) away from the water so they don’t pollute it.  Let them have a separate place to drink.
  • Wash full loads of clothes.
  •  Wash dishes and then turn on water to rinse.  (if you use dish washer then make sure that you clean food off in trash and use a shorter time to wash.
  • Don’t let chemicals and oil get into the water supply.
  • Use buckets of water to clean instead of hose.
  • Sweep off driveway instead of using hose to wash.
  • Don’t toss trash into water supply/streams, rivers, ponds, lakes, oceans.
  • Water flowers with bucket.
  • Make sure factories don’t dump chemicals and waste into the water.
  • Clean up around water supplies often.
  • Use a small amount of water when possible.
  • Collect  rainwater in buckets, barrel to water gardens, yards and plants.

Remember that the water drop here affects others in other parts of the world so help keep local water clean so others around the world has clean water.  We want to all be able to have fun and enjoy water activities like canoeing, swimming, fishing so keep our water clean and conserve it because it is LIFE FOR ALL LIVING THINGS!

group canoe trip


Can you add to our list?


Water in Africa

Girls in Africa carry water a long way for school and home.  This is a dam area where they can get some water.  They must carry heavy containers and walk long distances at times.  Mrs Kinjanui remembers doing this while she was in Kenya.  She teaches kindergarten here at Rocky River.

Dam where you can get water

Dam where you can get water

Water Project-

Water Project-


Where we get clean water

Missionaries help build well for clean water.

Missionaries help build well for clean water.

Gathering water

Gathering water

Water of Kenya

Girls Carrying Water in Kenya

Water, Water Everywhere Part 2

This week as we began our water unit we’ve had many friends share how water is used in different parts of the world.  Francis and Rose Muncaster shared information and photographs with us.   Venkat  who runs the school day to day in India helped with the information on the previous post and comment.   These pictures are from projects done in Tamil Nadu, South India through Friends of Mettupalayam.

We want to thank them for sharing their pictures so that we could learn more.  All pictures belong to IRDT (Friends of Mettupalayam Trust)    http://www.irdt.co.uk/   Pictures may not be used for other purposes.

Water filter India- Francis


 This is the water filter that has been bought for the schoolchildren so that they can always have clean water to drink.


Indian people eat a lot of rice. In order to grow rice the fields have to be very wet. If the monsoon rain does not arrive the rice cannot be grown.


Rice- India-Francis


The taps in the school. the children use these to wash their hands before meals and also for drinking water which is put into a water filter before drinking.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Children use pond as swimming pool.

India- Swimming pool-Francis

india 2013 francis 536

Water, Water, Everywhere

As we begin our new unit of study in 2nd grade we’d like your help.   If possible can you answer a few questions so that we can compare water usage around the world.

  1. Do you drink tap water in your country/town/city?
  2. Do you clean it by boiling or filtering it?
  3. What ways do you use water in one day?
  4. Is water scarce or abundant where you live?
  5. Is it free?
  6. If not, how expensive is it?
  7. What ways do you have of conserving water?
  8. Where does your water come from?
  9. Do you have water fountains at your school to drink from?
  10. Do people in your country buy bottled water?
  11. Add anything else that might help us answer our compelling questions

Why is water important around the world and what can I do to help  ensure everyone has clean water? How can I make a difference?