Miss Migan’s Class Takes Flight

Our Flat Friends from Sydney, Australia have taken off back to Victoria, Australia.   We had such a blast playing with them and learning with them.  We took them by the cafeteria to work  for a while and by the computer lab.  We went by guidance one of our last days.  We spent time saying goodbye and writing final thoughts of the adventures.    We wanted to keep them all summer for more adventures but finally decided to do our last post and the next thing we knew they had taken off for their flight.

Final Goodbyes to Flat Friends on PhotoPeach

Sadly we have to report that one of them decided he’d stay longer in the United States.   We couldn’t find Andy anywhere but John and his family will continue  to hope  he shows up.  We’ve read a lot about people immigrating to the United States over the years so perhaps young Andy decided he should to.   We know we have people who came to live in the United States from places like Scotland, England, Ireland, Spain, France, Canada and Russia.  We have a lot of classmates from Mexico, Peru, Colombia and other South and Central America countries and also China,  Philippines and Vietnam.  They’ve come here to visit and then some came to make this their home.  That’s why we are so diverse.  Perhaps he is like our Visiting International Teacher and came to work for a year or two.  People have settled in different parts of the United States from South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia.   Some people have traveled here for educational reasons.   Most of our Flat Friends were ready to travel again.

In our Social Studies we study how people came here on the Mayflower and we’ve read about immigration and people coming to Ellis Island.  We know some came for religious purposes and some to have a better life.  We know some came for work.  They settled near water for transportation purposes in olden days.  Materials and people traveled by boats, carriages, trains and horses.   People moved to the west and spread out.   Modern transportation includes cars and airplanes so travel has become faster.  Cities grew and more and more people came and today people move about a lot.  The United States spread out and became 50 states.  People continue to move from place to place for different reasons.

Do you think we are a “melting pot”?   We read we were.  What do you think that might mean?

Goodbye Flat Friends– Hope your travels are safe and fun.


Flat Friends Decide What their Favorite Book Series Is

While visiting Rocky River the Flat Friends hear about many books.   The students were working with books in a series.   Then they made poster trying to persuade others to read that series.   The Flat Friends got to set in on many book clubs listening to the students talk about books and discuss things.   They brought thick questions to the club and discussed issues in the stories and themes.  They had to clarify things they didn’t understand with each other.   They have to be good listeners.  They have to respond to what others say.  Flat Friends got to know some new characters and new series.  Which is your favorite series?  Do you have these same series of books in your classes?   Do you have different ones?  Are characters alike or do they change throughout the series?

They then took a trip with all second grade students about 140 to view the posters in the media center/library.

What would you pick?

  • Gilbert
  • Frog and Toad Are Friends
  • Junie B. Jones
  • Judy Moody
  • Magic Tree House
  • Geronomio Stilton
  • A to Z Mysteries
  • Cam Jansen
  • Horrible Harry
  • Bailey School Kids
  • Calendar Club
  • Clementine
  • Ramona– Beverly Cleary
  • Ready Freddy
  • Stink