Games from A Room With a View

Last week a package arrived in our mailbox.   We examined it and figure it came by airmail.  We also noticed the postage stamp.  Some guessed England, some Australia and some New Zealand where our quad blogging classes are from.

We made guesses as to what was inside…. a game, a letter, a card, notes from students.  Then we took turns pulling loose the tape.   Once inside we found these amazing cards about European countries.  On the back side were questions to answer about what was on the front of each.

We were so excited but didn’t have time to play the game.   Thank you to the students at Middleham for making us this game to learn more about European countries.  This will add to our global studies.  We are so excited to have the game too play.


Do you know what flags look like from other countries?

Do you know what the map looks like?

Do you know the language spoken?

Do you know special things about that country?

World Education Games

This is our first year ever to participate in the World Education Games.  At first we were a little nervous because we are in second grade.  Some of us answered questions in the 4-7 age group and some of us had to do the  8-10 age group.      We’ve been busy practicing spelling, math and science the past few weeks.  Now it’s time to show what we can do for the games.  We are excited and love to see who we will compete against.  They come from all around the world.    The science questions were hard we discovered and we answered 731 during the warm-up.  We only did science one week because of difficulty getting on.  For the warm-up time in spelling we answered over 15,152 questions.  And in math 11, 726 questions.    It’s been a lot of fun just practicing.